Every Movement Counts. Every Moment Matters.

    When it comes to healthy living and training, every moment matters. When it comes to sports performance every movement counts.

    Time spent treating ailments or injuries can feel like wasted time. That's why Performance Chiropractic uses a personalized approach to chiropractic care combining functional assessment with state-of-the-art, evidence-guided treatment and rehabilitation techniques to fix health problems at their source, delivering lasting results that help you feel and perform your best. Dr. Hannegan strives to correct your problems as quickly as possible, getting you back to 100% while correcting the underlying cause so you don’t require extensive continuing chiropractic care.

    At Performance Chiropractic

    Dr. Steve Hannegan always makes it clear upfront if he can help with your condition and gives honest diagnosis and prognosis. Or goal is to answer the pressing questions that each patient has. What is wrong with me? Can you help me? How long is it going to take? How much is it going to cost? We strive to keep your costs down, without compromising your recovery.

    We are conveniently located in the Northern Kentucky cities of Wilder and Alexandria.

    Our Wilder office is only 12 minutes south of downtown Cincinnati on the AA Highway, 5 minutes from the 27 exit on 471, less than 15 minutes from most areas of Campbell County and only 5 minutes from NKU, Ft Thomas, and Southgate.

    Our Alexandria office is off of US 27, 8 miles south of 471. We are a mile north of Campbell County High School. It is easy to get to from both Pendelton County on US 27 and Kenton County via 536.

    What Our Patients Say

    "Dr. Steve Hannegan is young and knows his stuff. I am a division I college athlete, and I went to him during the summer break for a stunning combination of ankle, knee, hip, back, and shoulder problems. He knew exactly how to alleviate the pain from every joint and every vertebrae (and did it better than my athletic trainers at school). I would highly recommend Dr. Hannegan."
    Normarys P.
    "Dr. Hannegan is very good! He took the time to get to know me and my history with chiropractic interventions. I recommend this place!"
    Zach L.
    "Performance Chiropractic and Dr. Hannegan are excellent! Over the past 8-10 years I had visited and received treatment from a handful of chiropractors in the Northern KY area before finding Performance Chiropractic. My first visit was unlike any other - Dr. Hannegan wanted to fully evaluate what was causing my periodic back pain and find a lasting solution, not just make a few adjustments and have me return every couple of weeks. He really takes the approach of your overall wellness and diagnoses and treats based on you and your needs. Do yourself a favor and go and see Dr. Steve!"
    Rodney H.
    "I have seen Dr. Hannegan on and off for several years and I have had the pleasure of being cared for by many doctors. Dr. Hannegan has always challenged me to take my health in my hands and with his persistence and guidance has helped me accomplish many of my health goals. If you want a doctor that will quickly adjust you and send you on your way, he may not be the best doctor for you. Now if you want a doctor to educate you on how to be healthy, stay injury free, and get the highest level of function in your day to day life, Dr. Hannegan is your kind of doctor. Wish I was closer to see him more often. Thanks for all you hard work and healing hands!"
    Sara B.
    "Dr. Steve and his staff are AMAZING! I suffered from chronic migraines all of my life. I've been seeing him for a little over a year now and I barely remember the last time I had a headache. He has worked wonders on my posture, hips, headaches, and stress in my neck and upper back! He is so knowledgeable! #1 in my book!"
    Candice W.
    "Dr. Steve Hannegan is AWESOME! I've always had back issues, from bad posture and driving a lot for my job. I went to him a few times and helped with my aches and issues tremendously! After my visits he gave me a few exercises to maintain my back well being as well as other healthy tips! I would recommend to anyone with back pain/issues and over wellness!"
    Brandon S.
    "Great group of people here!! I had never been to a Chiropractor and they made me feel right at home! Not only that but Dr. Hannegan took the time to listen to me, find the root of the problem and help me in understanding the process. I would recommend to anyone! Get a consultation, see if it's right for you, I am sure it will help!"
    Michele K.
    "Dr. Steve Hannegan is excellent! He is currently treating our 2 boys. They have been under his care since March 2012. From the initial appointment and evaluation to subsequent appointments he takes the time necessary to determine what is truly best for the patient. They are both athletes and with Dr. Steve's sports background he has helped in sharing tips regarding the mechanics of their play to further help with their performance/injury prevention. As the mom of 2 very active teenage boys, I believe he has helped adjust the "grumpies" out of them as well. There has been a couple of times we have walked in "grumpy" and they walk out smiling:) His ability to relate to his patients is a huge plus! They love going and are feeling great. I would highly recommend him."
    "The best of the best! Dr. Hannegan takes so much time with you at the initial visit which no other chiropractor in my past has ever done that for me. He is very thorough and precise about his adjustments. And he is also very kind and enjoyable to be around. Highly recommend!"
    Eric B.
    "Dr. Hannegan is high integrity guy with a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend for athletes. His experience combined with knowledge will get to the root of the issues causing your issues. Highly recommend!"
    Chris R.
    "My 16 yr old daughter is a competitive swimmer (fly). She was experiencing very painful "knotting" in her back as well as headaches. Dr. Hannegan diagnosed her challenges inside of 30 minutes (weak glute muscles and unaligned hips). He alleviated her pain and taught her the exercises necessary to prevent further pain. I have to say she went on to have a great season. Sometimes just understanding what happening with your body is half the battle, and Dr. Hannegan was awesome at helping us to do that."
    Chris R.
    "Having been to multiple chiropractors, I can say Dr. Hannegan is far and above the best I have seen. He takes the time to truly exam and understand before moving forward with any adjustment or treatment. I highly recommend Performance Chiropractic."
    Madison W.
    "I am a collegiate athlete and he helped me get back on the field within a week of my injury! Very personable and knows his stuff!"
    Katie M.
    "I've been adjusted by Dr. Hannegan three times now, this last one after a weekend in the car for 14 hours. Not only do I feel so much better when I leave, but I feel like a valued patient when I'm there."
    Julie T.
    "Might as well change his name on the door to DR. OMAZING!!    I have been in so much pain that I could hardly walk in his office.  He has helped me so much over the past five years it's absolutely OMAZING!!  I will continue to see him as my one and only chiropractor.  Thank you for being a great Doc!!"
    Tonya S.
    "Dr. Steve has been such a huge help to my two sons who run cross country. My youngest son who is 14 broke his foot at age 11. He only has about 60% bone left in his ankle. Dr. Steve has asked tons of questions and zoned in on things to do to help strengthen that ankle so Noah can continue to do cross country. I am very impressed with the care he gives to my family."
    Ryan B.
    "I have never been to a chiropractor before and I don't ever write reviews, but after my session with Dr. Hannegan I had to say how great of an experience it was. He went above and beyond what I expected and also gave me some great advice on what to do at home. I will definitely be going back to see him. The staff is also very friendly and helpful."
    Elizabeth G.
    "If you need chiropractic help, this should be your only option. Dr. Hannegan goes above and beyond to help - whether it be scheduling last minute, staying late, getting there early, reviewing xrays/MRI results multiple times, etc. He thinks outside of the typical medical box and does everything he can to address the problem holistically and from the source. He actually truly cares about his patients...and that's apparent from your first appointment."
    Maleeha A.
    "Dr Steve is the best. He's always willing to do what it takes to help you. Highly recommend!!"
    Jacqueline W.
    "I highly suggest going to Performance Chiropractic. I've been seeing Dr. Hannegan for almost 2 years and he and his staff are absolutely fabulous. Here's the reasons why I like the place: 1) I instantly feel relief after seeing him 2) He is always on time 3) I can usually book an appointment the day before 4) He takes detailed notes at every visits and references his notes at the beginning of each appointment 5) He never makes me feel rushed 6) You can tell he loves what he does and he is just a genuine and kind person. Give the place a try you won't regret it!"

    Common Services We Offer

    Sports Chiropractic. Be better than your competitor.

    Pregnancy Chiropractic. Enjoy your pregnancy and your new family.

    Pain Relief. For acute and cronic pain.

    Graston Technique®. Break down scar tissue and maintain optimal range of motion.

    Functional Exercise. Correct movement patterns and improve performance.

    Spinal Traction/Decompression. Softly open up the spine helping it heal.

    Exercise/Therapy Room. For guided exercises and instrcution, speeding recovery.

    Massage Therapy. For relaxation and healing.

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